What are the newest regional trends in spices and herbs? How are global issues effecting the food we eat? How does Pacific Spice Company stay at the forefront of the herb and spice industry after 50 years of leadership and innovation?

Enjoy our news and events posts for answers to these questions and more insights from the world of spice:

wholesale thyme
The Fragrant World of Thyme
Thyme (pronounced like the word “time”) is an herb that’s popular in many different spice blends and savory recipes, from
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harissa spice burger
Lamb Burger with Harissa Aioli
Harnessing inspiration from Middle Eastern cuisine, our lamb burger is full of tantalizing spices and herbs and is topped with
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wholesale dill weed
Dill Weed vs Dill Seed
Dill is a hardy, aromatic plant in the parsley family that has become widely known around the world for its
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Asian noodle salad
Asian Noodle Salad with PSC Sweet Soy Ginger Seasoning
✔️ Vegetarian Our Asian Noodle Salad is the perfect choice for a light and filling summertime meal. Packed with a
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wholesale dried oregano
A Guide to Mexican and Mediterranean Oregano
Oregano is a wild herb that has been used for millennia – in food, religious ceremonies, and ancient medicine. Today,
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turmeric wholesale spice
Turmeric: Three Recipes, One Spice
Turmeric is best known around the world as the spice that gives curry its bright golden color and earthy flavor.
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