What are the newest regional trends in spices and herbs? How are global issues effecting the food we eat? How does Pacific Spice Company stay at the forefront of the herb and spice industry after 50 years of leadership and innovation?

Enjoy our news and events posts for answers to these questions and more insights from the world of spice:

Our Top Blogs of 2021
  We are so grateful for another year celebrating food and flavor, so we’re ending this chapter with some highlights
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Pan Roasted Chili And Lime Salmon with Tropical Salad
With flavors that transport you to a tropical paradise, this dish is a celebration of Latin cuisine and a decadent
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product image of potato latkes cooling
Easy Potato Latkes
Hearty, filling, and bold in flavor, these pan-fried potato latkes are perfectly crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside,
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custom spice blends
How Outsourcing a Spice Blend Eased Growing Pains For This Restaurant Chain
In this case study, we highlight the story of one restaurant owner who decided that outsourcing their custom spice blend
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world spice blends
Spice Blends From Around The World
All around the world, countries and regions have signature food dishes that set them apart. And what’s behind the unique
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chocolate cookies with mint
Double Chocolate Rosemary Mint Cookies
These Double Chocolate Rosemary Mint Cookies add a wintery spirit to the classic double chocolate chip cookie. While the combination
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