What are the newest regional trends in spices and herbs? How are global issues effecting the food we eat? How does Pacific Spice Company stay at the forefront of the herb and spice industry after 50 years of leadership and innovation?

Enjoy our news and events posts for answers to these questions and more insights from the world of spice:

curry tacos recipe
The Bright Potential of Curry Powder at IFT FIRST (+ Curry Lamb Tacos Recipe)
Spice blends are a convenient way to bring global flavors into your kitchen. Curry powder is an essential spice that
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ift expo team
Reimagining Classic Spice Blends at the 2024 IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo
Every year, food industry professionals cross state borders to celebrate food science and the power of collaboration and innovation at
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wholesale basil herb
Basil: An Aromatic, Versatile, and Global Herb
With its aromatic leaves and versatile applications in cuisines worldwide, basil is a popular herb, featured in everything from Thai
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dried herbs
5 Essential Herbs for Food Professionals
Cooking with herbs is an effortless way to add flavor, fragrance, nutrition, and beauty to dishes. Both fresh and dried
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pacific spice company
Spice Innovations: Modern Cuisine, Technology, and The Future of Spices
Spices have always played a critical role in modern cuisine and the evolution of the food and beverage industry.  In
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chili lime seasoning
3 Creative Ways to Use PSC Chili Lime Seasoning: From Refreshing Drinks to Savory Mains
This year, we have noticed a growing demand for unique flavor profiles in the food industry. 2024 is a year
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