Born in Czechoslovakia in 1927, Akiba Schlussel survived the Holocaust of World War 2 and immigrated to the USA in 1951. He completed his schooling, married and began his career as an educator.

In 1966, he entered the spice trade along with his wife and lifelong partner, Blanche and established Pacific Spice Company. With hard work, determination and his strong religious faith he successfully grew his small business, buying and selling spices and herbs for local food businesses. In the early years, Akiba would come home excited about every sale – even if it was just 10 pounds of pepper sold straight out of the back of his station wagon. He continued to use the skills he mastered as an educator to study, learn and teach, both within his community and with whomever he interacted in the business community. He was widely loved and respected for his sharp intellect, sterling integrity, and keen understanding of others. His wisdom and expertise contributed greatly to the company’s success, and his values and legacy live on as part of the essence and fabric of Pacific Spice.

In the decades since, Pacific Spice has steadily grown into a powerhouse spice importer, manufacturer, and supplier for customers throughout the United States. While our size and capabilities as a spice importer, manufacturer and supplier have greatly expanded, some things haven’t changed: our focus on quality, integrity and the family’s involvement in the business.

Gershon, Akiba’s son and the current president of Pacific Spice Company, is a 40-year veteran of the spice trade and is proud to be joined by four sons working alongside him to plan and innovate for our future.

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