What are the newest regional trends in spices and herbs? How are global issues effecting the food we eat? How does Pacific Spice Company stay at the forefront of the herb and spice industry after 50 years of leadership and innovation?

Enjoy our news and events posts for answers to these questions and more insights from the world of spice:

fattoush salad
Fattoush Salad with PSC Tangy Sumac
Fattoush Salad is made with fresh veggies and baked pita chips, with a flavor that can be best described as
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paprika spice and peppers
The Vibrant World Of Paprika
A classic kitchen mainstay, paprika is a bright and bold spice with a range of flavors and culinary applications, plus
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mala seasoning fried chicken
Mala Fried Chicken
✔️ Dairy Free Fried Chicken is only as good as its spice, and there’s no spice more thrilling and addictive
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salmon plate with herbs and spices
Sharon’s Salmon Recipe
Today, we have the great honor of sharing a family salmon recipe from Sharon Schlussel, wife of Pacific Spice President,
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tom kha gai
Classic Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Chicken Soup)
Tom Kha Gai is a Thai food staple, and one of Thailand’s most celebrated soups. With a rich and creamy
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bulk spice blends
4 Reasons to Outsource Your Spice Blends
For centuries, spice blends like za’atar, curry powder, and masala were ground, measured, and blended by hand; the process was
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