Today we’re sharing our TOP THREE most popular herb and spice blends among our clients. So if you are looking for a convenient way to shake up your recipes, menu, or retail offerings, consider adding one or more of these PSC spice blends:

  • PSC Garlic Parsley Salt
  • PSC Italian Seasoning Crushed
  • PSC Curry Powder


Each blend was expertly formulated in-house at our Pacific Spice R&D Lab with special consideration to authentic flavor combinations, balance, and layering. With such a thoughtful formulation process, it’s no surprise that each blend has continued to be a favorite among manufacturers, chefs, and restaurant owners alike.

Read more to learn about each blend, their ideal uses, and why we consider these three blends to be our “secret weapons” in the food industry.


PSC’s Top Three Spice Blends


#1. PSC Garlic Parsley Salt


Sea salt, garlic granulated, and dried parsley blend together to make this must-have seasoning. Our PSC Garlic Parsley Salt is known for its strong garlic aroma and a slightly salty, savory taste. Its flavor is rounded out beautifully with a fresh and fragrant hint of parsley.


This blend is highly versatile and is a fantastic choice for a variety of dishes. It shines as an all-in-one meat rub for grilled or roasted meats and seafood. It’s also a simple, savory choice for roasted vegetables, pasta dishes, sauces, soups, stews, and casseroles. Finally, try it as a finishing salt for salads, sandwiches, and dips!

To try PSC Garlic Parsley Salt, follow our recipe for Sriracha Cauliflower Tacos.


PSC Garlic Parsley Salt pairs well with a variety of cuisines, such as Mediterranean, Italian, French, and American.

You can learn more about garlic by reading our blog Garlic: A Review of the Esteemed, Ancient Spice.

#2. PSC Italian Seasoning Crushed


A bright blend of dried herbs that are authentic to Italian cuisine. This blend’s unique combination of herbs provide a robust and nuanced flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to any dish. With a base blend of basil, oregano, thyme, marjoram, and rosemary, these high quality herbs are crushed and blended together to create a fragrant, multi-purpose seasoning.


The bright, herbaceous notes of PSC Italian Seasoning Crushed make it a perfect compliment to any dish that utilizes tomato-based sauces, grilled meats and vegetables. Our PSC Italian Seasoning Crushed can be used as a spice rub for meats, a seasoning for pasta and pizza dishes, and an ingredient in homemade salad dressing. It’s worth noting that our PSC Italian Seasoning Crushed is also a great choice for flavoring vegan and vegetarian dishes.

To try PSC Italian Seasoning Crushed, follow our recipe for Vegetarian Grilled Pizza.


Italian seasoning pairs well with a variety of Italian and Mediterranean dishes, as well as with a variety of world cuisines.

You can learn more about Italian seasoning and other international spice blends by reading our blog, Spice Blends from Around the World.

#3. PSC Curry Powder


By blending traditional spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, and chili powder, our PSC Curry Powder is a one-jar solution to achieving that perfect, authentic curry flavor. This ideal combination of spices creates a warm, aromatic blend with a unique flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to any dish.


PSC Curry Powder is the perfect choice for flavoring curry, and is a great addition to a variety of other dishes like soups, stews, and marinades. We also love to apply it as a dry rub for meats. More creative uses include curried sandwiches, curried dips, and curried roasted vegetables!

To try PSC Curry Powder, follow our recipe for Easy Curry Noodle Stir Fry.


Its combination of warm, aromatic spices make our PSC Curry Powder a versatile blend that pairs well with Indian, Thai, and other Southeast Asian cuisine.

You can learn more about curry seasoning and other international spice blends by reading our blog, Spice Blends from Around the World.


Time tested by manufacturers, chefs, and restaurant owners, these three blends are exceptional, memorable, and versatile. Adding value and quality to any dish, these seasoning blends are a surefire way to differentiate you from your competitors. All three of these blends deserve the spotlight, and we are thrilled to give them the attention they deserve.

Bring the flavor you crave to your signature dish and inspire your next creative project with our top three seasoning blends: PSC Garlic Parsley Salt, PSC Italian Seasoning Crushed, and PSC Curry Powder.

We can’t wait to see how you add these blends to your menu. Visit the contact page on our website to speak to a sales rep and place your order.