The 2023 IFT FIRST trade show took place at McCormick Place in Chicago from July 16th to July 19th.  We are happy to report that this event did not disappoint. As one of hundreds of booths, we were proud to be a part of such an incredible industry event.

Events like the IFT FIRST Trade Show give us a chance to better understand the needs of our clients and the challenges facing the food industry today. By spending a few full days surrounded by like-minded individuals from across the country, we were able to identify emerging trends, showcase new products, make connections, and foresee future opportunities for our company and our clients.


Reviewing Our 3 New PSC Spice Blends

We introduced three new and exciting spice blends at IFT FIRST, designed to take snacking to a whole new level. We’re pleased to report that each blend received an overwhelmingly positive response!

Everyone who stopped by our booth had the chance to try popcorn sprinkled with either PSC Limón Hot Cheese Puff Seasoning, PSC Tropical Cardamom Seasoning, or PSC Sage Cheddar Seasoning. Some tried just one flavor, but most sampled all three.

Here are the flavor details of each blend:

  • PSC Limón Hot Cheese Puff Seasoning: A bold blend that’s packed with intense heat, tangy limón, and savory real cheese.
  • PSC Tropical Cardamom Seasoning: This seasoning combines the natural sweetness and complexity of cardamom with bright, tropical tartness.
  • PSC Sage Cheddar Seasoning: This fragrant blend pairs the minty, woodsy flavor of sage with the richness of cheddar cheese.


limon hot cheese puff seasoning

Our team unanimously agrees that our PSC Limón Hot Cheese Puff Seasoning reigned supreme as the number one favorite. One attendee expressed that “its flavor and heat was on point” and it had an “unexpected delicious explosion of flavor”.

Each blend is highly versatile, and excellent over snacks like popcorn, potato chips, and french fries. At the event, we offered samples of each blend on popcorn to create an irresistible snacking experience. Attendees found our seasonings to be “interesting, flavorful, and innovative”, and we received overwhelming positive feedback about each one.

Team Takeaways From IFT FIRST

After attending the IFT FIRST trade show, we asked our team to give us their feedback about the event. Below, we’ve recapped their responses.

Q: Were there any common questions or concerns raised by customers/potential customers?

A: Many customers requested RTE (ready-to-eat) products and had a lot of questions about our sterilization methods. In addition to questions about sterilization, safety, and quality, our PSC team was also asked questions about where the market is going and if customers should expect prices to increase.

Q: What are some of the key trends or topics of interest discussed by industry professionals at the trade show?

A: Attendees were eager to discover unique flavors and exotic chilies and spices. They also expressed interest in beverage mixers, white label services, and oil resins.

Q: Share your overall impressions of the trade show and the response to Pacific Spice’s booth and offerings.

A: Attendance was not as high as previous years. This was noticed by our team and many other attendees who stopped by our booth. More college students seemed to be in attendance this year, and everyone that stopped by our booth looked professional and seemed to be knowledgeable about PSC.

Our snack bar and seasoned popcorn was a highlight of the event, as we didn’t notice other companies offering ready-to-eat samples right at the show. Although it was small, our booth had a powerful presence and made a lasting impression.


Closing Thoughts about IFT FIRST


From conversations about unique flavors and exotic blends, to discussions around eco-friendly packaging, sustainability, and market trends, to sharing PSC spiced popcorn at our booth, the IFT FIRST trade show was an unforgettable experience that we are proud to have been a part of.

As an industry leader, we are paying attention to the broader industry landscape, and continuing to push forward with new, innovative blends and creative solutions. Participation in events like IFT FIRST allow us to collaborate with others in the industry, learn from professionals around the country, and return to our jobs with renewed passion and excitement for the future.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by our booth. As always, we are here to help. If you have any questions about our products, services, or company, we hope you’ll reach out.

See you next year!