Pacific Spice is only as good as the wonderful people behind the scenes that are working hard to bring you quality spices and herbs. From the tireless efforts of our delivery crew, to the sales staff who passionately ensure the success of our customers, and the department heads who work together to keep everything running, our Pacific Spice team continually goes above and beyond.

In our “Employee Stories” blog series, we’re peeling back the curtain to showcase some of the hardworking individuals that make up our PSC family. We couldn’t think of a better employee to kick it off than Jason, our Technical Manager.


Meet Jason

Jason came to PSC with an exemplary skillset after earning his Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry and Material Science from UCLA. Since he was first hired, Jason has continued to exceed all expectations.

Jason has been with PSC for over 15 years and has shown an unwavering passion for producing the safest, freshest, highest quality herbs and spices. As a natural leader, Jason has earned the respect of all his employees, leading by example, and with integrity, heart, and a strong belief in what he does.

Jason was kind enough to sit down with us for a short interview to answer a few questions about his job and what he loves about being a part of the PSC family.


Q: Can you share a bit about your everyday tasks and how they play into Pacific Spice’s commitment to quality?

A: As Technical Manager, I oversee Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory, and the Research & Development departments. I am constantly keeping up with regulatory news and other trends in the food industry.

Daily, I communicate with all departments and address topics of concern. When needed, I conduct training sessions on specific subjects to keep all my personnel on top of the current events in the food industry so that they have the capability to process critical [decisions] when needed.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and it is derived from continuous improvement efforts by all.


Q: You’ve been part of some big changes in our journey. Is there an achievement or a project that you’re particularly proud of?

A: I am most proud of my subordinates’ work ethics. They are highly professional and take their jobs seriously.


Q: Now, for a fun one: what’s your favorite spice and why?

A: Black Pepper. It complements many of the foods that I like with its wide universal applications. Can you imagine a world without Black Pepper?


Q: Lastly, what does being part of the ‘Spice Family’ mean to you?

A: Being part of the Spice Family means that they depend on and trust in the work I do, which in turn allows me to continuously seek opportunities to improve and help grow the Pacific Spice business.

At Pacific Spice, we are committed to producing high quality spices and herbs. We take every effort to ensure that our product is consistent, fresh, and safe from adulterants and contaminants. None of this would be possible without the important role of our Technical Manager, Jason.

Thank you Jason for the valuable work that you do!

There are so many more PSC employees that deserve the spotlight, as each one plays an important role in bringing you safe, fresh, innovative, and flavorful PSC products.

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