Made from a blend of rich cacao, sweet dates, warm cinnamon, and energy-packed almonds and chia, our Spiced Chocolate Truffle Energy Bites are a perfectly indulgent snack that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. These chocolate morsels are rich and chewy, naturally sweet and earthy, and made entirely of simple, wholesome ingredients that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

Try this no-bake recipe for yourself, and make them your own by adding your favorite nuts, seeds, and spices.

About PSC Cinnamon Ground: Cinnamon is a naturally warming spice that is strong, sweet, woody, spicy, and slightly citrusy. Mix it into warm drinks, and sprinkle it over berries, fruit, yogurt, cereal, nuts, toast, and even sweet potatoes.

chocolate cinnamon energy bites with almonds, cinnamon sticks, and chia


12 oz of Medjool dates, pitted
1/2 cup of raw almonds
2 tbsp of cacao powder
1 tbs of PSC Chia Seeds
1/2 tsp of PSC Cinnamon Ground
1 tbsp coconut oil
Pinch of sea salt
*Optional: Desiccated coconut for coating



  1. In a food processor, combine dates, almonds, cacao powder, PSC Chia Seeds, PSC Cinnamon Ground, coconut oil, and sea salt.
    Process these ingredients until they become a sticky dough.
  2. Roll dough into truffle-sized balls. If the truffles are too dry, add a few more dates and process again.
  3. *Optional: Coat the truffles in desiccated coconut for an extra layer of flavor and texture.
  4. Place the truffles in the refrigerator to cool for at least one hour before serving.


bowl of chocolate truffles



  • Make them your own. 
    • Use cashews or hazelnuts in place of the almonds for a different flavor and texture.
    • Experiment with PSC spices to create spiced chocolate truffle flavor variations.
  • Save some for later. Store leftovers in an airtight container. These truffles will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to a week. For an even longer shelf life, store them in the freezer.