When sourcing spices for your business there are six key considerations to ensure the integrity and quality of your food products. It can be hard to discern one spice company from the next. That’s why we compiled this list of six clarifying questions you should ask when choosing your spice vendor.


1. Are They a U.S Spice Manufacturer?

Many spice companies just buy a finished product from overseas and sell it as-is. U.S. spice manufacturers (like us) purchase raw material, then test and process it here to ensure integrity of the product, freshness, and compliance with all safety regulations.


2. Do They Have a Formal Qualification Process for Suppliers?

Due to the complexity of the spice supply chain, it is very important that your spice provider has qualified and certified suppliers. A reputable and high-quality spice company should have a formal vetting process of all their suppliers to ensure food safety and quality. Long-term relationships are another signal of a quality supply chain.


3. Do They Have a Focus on Quality Product?

Quality product translates to freshness in flavor, appearance, and shelf-life. This, in turn, translates to better flavor for your food products and better economics for your business. Not only will your customers favor the flavor of your products, but you may even save money because a lesser quantity of quality spices can achieve the same desired flavor profile as compared to lower quality spices.


4. Do They Uphold Best Practices for Quality and Safety?

Quality and safety guidelines followed by your spice provider are important considerations to ensure your food is safe and your brand is protected. Verify that your spice supplier adheres to GMP and HACCP programs and is SQF certified and adheres to all safety regulations. Information should be readily available and forthcoming on their website and company literature.

For more on safety best practices, read Spice Safety and Quality: The Gold Standard.

5. Do They Have Expertise?

Does your spice provider have qualified expertise? How long have they been in business? A reputable spice company should have long-standing relationships in the industry, and be able to provide a level of knowledge that gives you a sense of security to make
informed decisions for your business.


6. Do They Offer Comprehensive Services?

Partnering with a full-service spice company that offers a wide range of services and capabilities provides more options for your business. From spice manufacturing, to blend development and production, to a wide range of bulk, foodservice and retail packaging options, the company you choose should be able to do it all.

And for our bonus question….

Are We the Right Spice Vendor for You?

We are proud to say that we fit all the criteria above.

We are a U.S. spice manufacturer that puts our products through extensive microbiological, chemical, and organoleptic testing. We put our vendors through a strict vendor approval process with continuous verification of their standards and procedure. We uphold the highest level of safety and quality guidelines, adhere to high-level GMP’s & HACCP principles, and are SQF-certified, Certified Organic, and Kosher Certified.

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Under these standards, we are pleased to provide you with the highest quality, safest, and freshest product on the market.

For over 55 years, we have operated with integrity and with the commitment to grow, learn, and continue to advance as experts in our field. Finally, we offer an extensive list of services that will support you in any current and future spice-related pursuit.

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