Summertime brings with it an array of seasonal fruit, veggies, and herbs, and there has never a better time to find the perfect seasoning blend to compliment them.

Today, we’re sharing with you three of our favorite, must-have seasoning blends that are sure to bring your backyard barbecue to the next level. This year, think outside the salt and pepper grinder and reach for these peppy blends instead to add a taste of summer to your table.

Hamburger Spice Blend

A hamburger is at the very least a symbol of the classic American summer, and at most, a masterpiece. Hamburgers mean family tradition, a gathering of friends, a smoky grill in the backyard… they’re an event in and of themselves. This year, make your hamburgers the talk of the town with our PSC Hamburger Seasoning Blend.

Made with pungent black pepper, spicy chili pepper, hot onion, sweet red bell pepper, and savory garlic, our seasoning will help you create bold, juicy burgers.

Name it after yourself, enter it in a contest, call it your secret recipe – we won’t tell!

So whether you like your burger made of beef, chicken, fish, bacon, veggies, tofu, our PSC Hamburger Seasoning is sure to bring your masterpiece to life.

seasoned hamburgers

Seafood Seasoning

Our zesty seafood seasoning will make even the most landlocked foodie feel the salt spray of the ocean. A perfect compliment to the delicate nature of seafood, this special seasoning will draw out the delicious flavors of your favorite seafood dish without overpowering it.

Custom blended with great care by our flavor experts, this robust blend of premium spices feature the tropical zestiness of lemon and the mouthwatering complexity of garlic, making it the perfect topping for any grilled seafood. Try it on Ahi, Salmon, or Prawns.

Whatever your seafood of choice, our PSC Seafood Seasoning will give you full confidence to grill and serve all your delicious summertime seasoning favorites.

cooked salmon with seasoning


Steak and Chop

Nothing rivals the show-stopper taste of a perfect steak, and we believe you should have the ability to bring the full steakhouse experience right to your kitchen. That’s why we developed our PSC Steak and Chop Seasoning! It was blended, tasted, tweaked, and perfected to add deeply robust flavor to steaks, hamburgers, and other meat dishes.

This is our all-time favorite seasoning blend, and our most popular blend for good reason. It has a captivating balance of cracked coriander, spicy black pepper, and savory garlic that will satisfy even the most picky steak connoisseur.

Whether you prefer your steak pan seared or grilled, rare or well-done, apply this chunky spice blend generously to your steak cut of choice and fire up your grill to take your tastebuds to the next level.

seasoned grilled steaks


Spices are an easy and delightful way to bring complexity to simple summertime dishes. We are certain these three seasonings will help keep your menu fresh and your backyard barbecues legendary.


Custom Spices at PSC

If you are inspired to enlist any of these blends or to create custom seasoning blends of your own, we would love to talk to you about how we can be of service to your next project or signature dish. We not only have a library of in-house blends, we have everything we need to make innovative new seasoning blends based on your unique summertime needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we will help bring your idea from concept to final product.

If you’re in need of a new flavor or product to grow your brand, don’t hesitate to ask us for our complete list of spice blends and all your custom spice options.